Potty Training - 5 Simple Ideas

originally published 4.07

How did you potty train when you knew the time had come?

As with everything - there is not one right way because every child is so different so here are five different ideas to use in combination or individually (just be sure you have talked the entire process out with your child and they know the plan...)

1. "Potty Present" Whatever you child loves the most (books, Spiderman, plastic jewelry) - buy it and wrap it. It will become a special "potty present" - not to get for going potty - but something they are only allowed to unwrap and subsequently use on the potty. This will help get past the initial fear of sitting on the potty - and you child may want to just sit there for hours the first few days. And if you give them enough liquids they will go while they are sitting there.

2. "Pants Off" I have known several parents use the "pants off" method (the unofficial name for letting your child run around sans underwear). Diapers are so genius these days, that most kids don't even know when they are peeing - the wetness is indeed whisked away as the commercials promise. So, by letting them run around "pants off" they suddenly become aware. And when it happens you just hurry them in and help them go. Some books claim a day of this will do the trick...I'm not so optimistic - and its a pain to clean up - but it does work (much better if you have hardwood).

3. "Potty Bears" This was my personal favorite. When James went potty - he got one gummy bear for liquid and two for solid - it was the only way we were able to stretch one day into many successful days.

4. "Pull-Ups" The newest pull-ups have an added liner to help your child feel the wetness. Because of the diaper problem I mentioned above - this is a really great first step to help with recognition.

5. "Potty Party" Throw the biggest part for a child's doll - after spending time with the doll and congratulating the doll for using the toilet (make sure you really pretend to hold the doll over the toilet - the modeling is important). Sometimes the hardest thing (especially for a first child) is they don't have anyone to copy - anyhow - make sure your party has a cake - because what party doesn't have a cake.

I'm not with Freud in thinking that if you potty train too early or too late there are disastrous consequences. Do it when its right for you and your child - because you really have to stick to it - no going back even if it means packing seventeen extra socks & underwear & pants - it really stinks! But the rewards are genius!


laurel said...

Just wanted to tell you I am so excited about this. And thank you for your potty training tips - I am struggling!

Lynette said...

Thank goodness I'm done with potty-training...atleast for another year! :(

Leslie said...

hey angie. what a fun idea for a blog. and if you're a nerd for having two, what does that make me? :)
i just found some really funny pictures of us from london tonight. we ought to get a blog/reunion/tribute/picture-posting party organized for our 10 year reunion next year.
man we are old.

familia Bybaran said...

What great ideas! I am excited now. I have just been dreading the idea of potty training because my parents just tell me stories about how I used to love to pea behind their bed. They think it's cute, but as much as I love Cyra, I do not want her peeing anywhere NEAR my bed so I just am terrified of taking her diapers off one day and just seeing what clever places she thinks of to relieve herself. but this is truly inspiring and some great ideas. Thanks Angie.

Missy said...

This is a great site that I just stumbled upon!

How can I email you some questions of my own? I have a 13 month old baby boy. Is it ok if we don't know you and still ask questions?

Missy said...

Girl! I have a baby girl. I was reading another site at the same time and wasn't paying attention. Duh!

angie said...

Please ask questions! Just type away in any of the comments and I'll get them!

emily said...

I don't know you but I linked to your site through Lynette's ...weird that I just started potty training my little boy this week and it is not going well. Thanks for the tips.

cori said...

So... potty training is going well for us except when we leave the house and then there is the unfamiliar toilet. We use a potty seat and I ended up dragging it to the mall the other day so he could use the toilet while there- it worked but I don't want to keep hawling that thing around. Would love your thoughts! Thanks Ang :)

angie said...

cori, kyndra mentioned this...For NYC moms, I have seen this potette used at the parks a lot, and my friend said it was a life saver with her daughter. http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=6087&parentCategoryId=85180&categoryId=85201&subCategoryId=86184

j.c. delgaudio said...

Try the towel potty training method.