Extending Wake up

How did you get your child not to get out of their bed too early in the morning?

My kids are early risers - but its my own fault because they go to bed at sevenish - so 11 or 12 hours is a pretty good night. The general rule - if the sun is up, you can get up, if not, stay in bed. But, the times I want a little extra shut eye myself, I've tried this trick...

In a clean room, I simply set out a few puzzles, or toys (this is another topic, but I rotate toys, just so I always have a newish toy ready). Anyhow, if there is a new something out before they reach their door, they will usually sit down and play. I have built a house out of books - just something different to draw their attention.

Any other good ideas?

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Ann said...

my sister's daughter is old enough to know the numbers on the clock and with baby #2 on the way, she needed her mornings without the 3 year old. She told her three year old that when the clock says seven, oh, oh she can come upstairs and find Mommy. Until then she gets to play in her room. It works pretty well for them!

I have friend who does the same, but she told her son 'seven, three, oh' and he always confuses it with 'seven, oh, three'.:)