Phone Code

How do you keep your children quite while your on the phone?

The truth is, I don't. This isn't my area of expertise.

But, I did try one thing that worked for awhile, and I can at least share this silly idea (warning: it is pretty silly)...

I invented a secret code - its more fun for your kids if they are in on a conspiracy. The plan was, if I was on the phone and they needed me, they could come and put their hand on me knee. This was the signal, and if I noticed their hand, I would tap back. The tap back would mean = I know you want to talk to me, but I am on the phone, so when I'm off I'll come talk to you. If it was so important they couldn't wait then they would keep their hand on my knee and I would keep tapping which would mean = I know its important, I am going to hurry and finish talking. The secret code worked for awhile - but that's all I've got.


cori said...

Thanks Ang- We will give it a try.

eva's mom said...

Here's something I did to make phone time easier. It had the side-effect of helping my daughter learn to recognize numbers. When I make a phone call, I let her push the buttons. Sometimes, the phone goes dead because she takes so long deciding, but she loves to help. At first I touched each number first. Now, she can pick out 0, 8, 5, 1, 2, and 7 all by herself.