Guest Blogger - Kyndra

Someone asked a question about baby gear. And I'm afraid that's where my expertise ends. So, I've done the best thing I can think of...ask Kyndra. I met Kyndra the first day I moved to Manhattan. And she has always been the kind of friend that knows - the good chocolate places, the great restaurants, the places to go and see and do. And let me tell you, she is a researcher. I remember when she was looking at strollers - she wasn't satisfied until she has searched every option (state side and abroad). She asks around - she tries them out. So, thank you so much gear gal for doing your homework so we can benefit!

I would very much be interested in hearing more on the gear subject. What really worked for everyone??

(see below for her answer)


MaggieandAlison said...

I just read about products on the internet. When it came to safety, I asked my friends who just had babies that really knew their stuff. Just ask everyone you know.

Annie said...

oh, that is soooo true. Good thing we were pregnant at the same time and kyndra did all the research for me.