What would be your advice on how to stop a 3 yr old from picking her lip? Audrey has developed this nervous habit and now has a continuous cycle of scabs and bleeding. She doesn't respond to discipline with it and even has run out of the room to pick while I'm not looking...

Whatever it takes. I would start by putting bandaids on each and every finger (that makes it harder to take off the others). Or putting gloves on her hands.

Anyhow, I am guessing that you solved the problem because I've been really slow in responding. So, let us know what worked for you!

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Kyndra said...

My doctor told me something the other day to get Sterling to stop pulling the bandaid off his finger, but I think it would work here too. He said to put a sock over his hand (in this case a thin glove) and tape the end to his arm so it couldn't come off. With older kids you would need to do both hands so they can't pull off the glove with the able second hand. If you leave the house you might want a jacket or long sleeve shirt over her though!