My husband and I have been married many years now and he has an excellent stable career that he plans to be with until retirement. We own our home and I am ready to start our family. He thinks otherwise. He would like to wait another few years and I am getting very frustrated. I know we should wait until both husband and wife want to have children but I am starting to wonder if he will ever come around and what it will finally take to have him ready. Do I shut my mouth and try to not get frustrated or is there anything to be done?

I think one important thing to realize is that it isn't about being ready right this minute. It is about being ready nine months from now. It might make it easier to think of that way.

But, definitely do not shut your mouth. I think that being emotional honest is really important - and I would perhaps suggest that you pick a time (a starting and ending time) and a date to sit down and talk about this very question.

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