Summer Break

Have you noticed I've been on Summer break? Well, the truth is, I felt a sudden inadequacy...I mean, really, who am I to think I know the answers. Because, I don't. And I'm not anyone in particular.

But, I think those are the common factors; we don't have answers and we are just normal people. Parenting isn't a 2 + 2 = 4 kind of equation. But we care because the stakes are so high (not my words, but my sentiment). And so because we care, we'll keep thinking about the problems, in hope that we will find the solution that is right for us. It is probably a different solution than my neighbor, but it works for my kids, in my house, for me.

And I'll try to answer questions, but feel free to add your two cents. Because the more cents, the more sense we can make out of our own questions and doubts.

Thanks for your questions!


hannah m said...

I love your perspective on things, Ang. Providing a place for moms to add their 2 cents does help us make sense of it all! So, thank you for that.

k8theriver said...

you give great answers. don't stop.