Traveling with a Baby

We are traveling next month and I'm not quite sure what to bring for a 9 month old...does anyone have anything good for little ones?

Traveling is a hot topic right now, and traveling with babies is very different than traveling with a toddler or older child.

First. I echo my advice for older kids--the first thing I do on an airplane is bring Clorox wipes in a plastic bag and wipe down all of the airplane seats and trays first thing. Babies seem to get their mouth on everything - so its nice to not worry.

Second. Non-toy toys are the best and seem to hold babies attention the longest. So, I suggest bringing a calculator or a remote. Mini flash lights. Empty infant Tylenol bottle with the squeeze top. A marker (not to draw with - but its great fun to hold). Eye lash curler. You get the idea.

Third. Go with the tried and true books - not that many - they are heavy and not very helpful. Oh, and there is that cute Cheerios Book where you actually use Cheerios as wheels and then the baby gets to pick it up and eat them.

Fourth. Change of clothes. So important. I swear the worst eruptions seem to happen on planes.

Fifth. Something to chew on/suck on during take-off and landings. Some babies do great. Just be sure to fill your bottle as soon as you get on the flight - as for the beverage as you walk to your seat (you know, with the no liquid flight restrictions).

Here's a start, what can you add to this list?

Originally Published 7/12

Sketch: Baby with Dummy by Horace Mann Ivans


Missy said...

THIS post was perfect timing. I am leaving on Sunday back east and flying with my fifteen month old. Remotes, calculator, mini flash lights...those are some genius ideas.

Thank you!

missy said...

My daughter has always liked the books that have flip + flaps to open and see underneat. Or the touch and feel books. They can keep her entertained for a while.

Ashley A. said...

I always bring plastic bags (grocery bags) in case of a diaper blow out or for trash.

LKC said...

I moved abroad when my son was three months old so we've been on a lot of flights with him.

If it is an international flight, request the bassinet. They attach to the bulk-head (so you'll get that extra leg room) and you won't have to hold baby while he sleeps.

Take as few carry-ons as possible. The fewer things you have to look after the better. In my opinion, it's better to bring one big bag than two smaller ones.

A flight attendant once told me that if you ever need help, just ask. Most of them will be more than willing to help, even excited to hold a baby. They are often relcutant to offer help w/o being asked for fear that the mother will bite their head off.

Sherine said...

We travel several times a year with lots of little kids and one of the best tools is SUCKERS!! The best kind are those smartie like suckers you can buy at convenience stores.. Less sticky and smaller than most other suckers. (you know--the two toned with plastic sticks?) For take off and landing it helps keeps their little eardrums 'popped'. It's the one time I promote straight candy for discipline purposes.

Sherine said...

sorry... one more thing. If it's more than a 4 hour flight I would highly recommmend buying the babe it's own seat. We also are big fans of the 'sit and stroll' stroller... which converts easily from a car seat to a stroller. That way you stroll them through the airport and then convert it to the car seat on the plane. My kids do so much better strapped in.. I'm sure they relate it to being in the car and in their car seat. It cuts down on lap switching and roaming around. Plus they can sleep better that way. Good luck!