"Mom, I am scared!"

"I can't stop thinking about those scary eyes."

"I just can't sleep, I'm feeling too scared."

I feel like sometimes we want to help explain away the scary. Like, there is nothing to worry about, there is no monster under your bed. Or, that sound was nothing. There is nothing scary here...

But, sometimes ration and reason don't work with kids. If they are really scared, they need to learn a coping mechanism. Something to help them deal with the scary feeling that is very real to them - regardless of why it isn't rational.

So, one solution I tried that worked was to help my little boy turn his scary creature into a funny one in his head. Here' what I mean. We decided to give him a big funny rudolph nose and then put chicken legs on his body. We gave him a pink umbrella that had a hole where the rain was dripping in. We made his scary image a silly one. We were laughing together after just a few moments. And when I said goodnight a second time, I said, "If you have another scary guy be sure to dress him up extra funny!"

Anyhow, it worked. It was only a scared moment, not a terrible night or even week!


Becky said...

I love that idea, thanks! With my older son, I read to put water with some essential oils in it (we used Lavendar - soothing) into a spray bottle. We called it monster repellant! Worked wonders!

lynette said...

This is great, Ang. You're amazing.

Sherine said...

They actually sell "monster go away spray" in this cute little silver spray bottle... my sister swears by it. It's organic and it uses aroma therapy to calm kids down. Her son soon found out it works not only on monsters but on bad guys in general:)