How do you help a 15 month old baby {my daughter} that could easily walk on her own, but doesn't have the confidence yet learn to walk? I don't mind {ok, I love it} that she likes holding my hand, but do sometimes wonder when she will walk by herself.

Two ideas!

One. Instead of walking around the house holding her little fingers, hold a marker and let her hold the other end of the marker. Its easier to let go of a thing than a person - especially a special person like a mom. So, keep stretching away, maybe another larger toy, next, in between.

Two. Put all of your chairs on their side and line them up. So they create a long rail to walk along. I remember this was so much fun - we had to do it everyday. And learning to walk just takes a lot of practice sometimes. So, the more they walk on their own, the better.

WALKING (my favorite walking song - click the title to hear a snippet on iTunes)
Seems so easy now
But I remember when I was small
And I did not know how
I would take two steps and then fall down...
But up I'd stand, dust my hands
And tell myself I know I can

(Words: Martha Cheney /
Music: Hap Palmer) ©Hap-Pal Music, Inc.

Painting: detail from Woman with a Parasol and a Small Child by Pierre Auguste Renoir


Missy said...

Thanks Miss Angie! She actually started walking all by herself about a week ago. Just up and started going! Great suggestions...

angie said...

sorry i was slow - but hooray that she is walking! it does seem to happen suddenly, doesn't it!