Baby Bottoms

What do you do for diaper rash...any tricks I don't know?

When you walk into Bloomingdale's there are rows of make up counters, and behind the glass enough skin care products to soothe the skin of third world countries. Products like Superdefense Trip Action Moisturizer - SPF 25 - Dry to Very Dry Skin. Finding the right product for your baby can be just as overwhelming. Most people have their favorite (be sure to share). If I had to pick one, I would say Boudreaux's Butt Paste (the nicest smell, easiest to clean off my hands, and it does a nice job).

But the best way I've found is water. Just plain old water. Get rid of fancy jars and labels and products. If after every diaper change (which I would do more frequently for a sore behind) I then rinse the tiny bottom in the sink - they will heal up right away. I've had great and immediate luck! Its almost as if the alcohol in the wipes is just too rough. Sometimes I add a little hydrocortizone cream(but the label is plastered with consult your doctor). Water. Two days.

Painting: Baby Reaching for an Apple by Mary Cassatt


lynette said...

My doctor told me that diaper rash is a bacteria and most creams will not kill it, just soothe it. So, she suggested antibacterial soap. They'll howl while you're cleaning it, but by the next time you change them it will be signifigantly better.

My suggestion: Dial Daily Care Antibacterial Soap with Moisterizing Aloe

Heidi said...

Triple Paste...it works like a miracle!

catherine said...

Over the sink, a little soap first, then a good rinse.....never have diaper rash if you follow that routine.

Megan said...

I've used a preventative cream that my nephew's doctor created and Audrey has never had a diaper rash. It's 1 part Aquaphor and 1 part Borofax. Our pharmacy will just make it for us. I still use it with Audrey - hopefully she will be potty trained soon!!

Jamie said...

If you go to any pharmacist and ask for Calmoseptine, they will just hand it to you. Calmoseptine is amazing! It's thick and pink and clears up the worst diaper rashes like magic. It even works on other scrapes, or sores. It has mult-uses. It's made in Huntington Beach, CA. Seriously, it's the best thing I've bought as a parent.

Leslie said...

good old fashioned original Desitin is all that has worked for me. all three of my kids have sensitive bottoms. so only the best diapers, frequent changes and Desitin.

works every time!