Red, Red, Red

Someone recently asked about creative ideas - here's another one. I did this awhile ago - but I repeat it with different colors, different letters, and even shapes.
As the kick off to red week...

  • For breakfast we had strawberries and raspberries in milk.
  • For lunch we had red jello, apples, and jam sandwiches.
  • For dinner we had pizza with tomato sauce and tomatoes on top.
  • We played with red model magic.
  • We painted red mixed-medium masterpieces (red crayon, red chalk, red pencils and paint).
  • On our drive we shouted out every red thing we saw - red lights, stop signs, red Hummers, red signs, painted curbs, and the cherry on top - a blazing red fire truck.
  • As we read, we hunted for red on each page - a Where's Waldoish with the color red. You get the picture - its just a way to say the word "red," over and over until your little one really gets it - its easy and fairly preparation free.

Painting: Yellow, Red, Red by Mark Rothko

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cori said...

This is really a great idea to have an entire day filled with one color so they can understand. You could even do it w/your toys find all the toys that are red and line them up.