Toy Rotation

What is your method of toy rotation that I have heard you mention?

Toy rotation is basically like always having new toys. I really do it in two degrees...

First degree: Its nice to have the playdough, the train, the blocks, the little people, the puppets, in separate closets (or at least up high enough that the kids can't get them). Then, to fill the hours of the day - you can get down different activities - for some reason, closet toys are just more exciting.

Second degree: This is more serious - and permanent. I divided my toys in half and put half of them in those big clear tupperware boxes - even the good and bigger things - the cash register, the little people farm and zoo, etc. And then, on a rainy day or a boring day, I get a box down. I take off the lid and let my little ones at it - and it usually fills two hours - simply playing and rotating. They play so happily with new toys.

A possible third degree: I never did this on a big scale - but I still have aspirations. Trading toys with a friend - just because new toys are so much fun. You would have to work out how long - I would say a minimum month.
Painting: The Orange Gatherers by John William Waterhouse

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