Computer Play

No one told me about this type of thing when I had a little one...so in case you didn't know there are great keyboard-a-rama games. You know, when you push the "T" on the keyboard you Tickle Elmo on the screen. This is great for little fingers who can push one key at a time all the way up to kids who are learning their numbers.

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Anyhow, there are a ton, if you have a great one you should share!
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lynette said...

Carly loves the Playhouse Disney website. Not only has it helped her educationally, but it has helped her hand/eye coordination as well. Plus, they have Charlie and Lola games... who could ask for more?!

laurel said...

Avery has been really into the Sesame Street site, as well as NickJr.com. It's amazing what she can navigate all on her own!! She prints things and plays all sorts of games all by herself.