You Brush My Teeth, I'll Brush Yours

My sister is in town; aren't Aunties the best?! Anyhow, my boys aren't the most enthusiastic teeth brushers -- so I asked her to do it (hee, hee).

Anyhow, I walked in on my little ones brushing her teeth. She had done a swap -- what a genius idea. She did theirs first and they got to do her's as the reward.

Thought I would pass it along - so simple - but really great!

Fragment of a Tapestry or Wall Hanging, ca. 1420–1430German; Made in Basel, Upper Rhine ValleyTapestry weave: wool on linen; 33 7/16 x 29 1/2 in. (85 x 75 cm)The Cloisters Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art

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