Colic - what do you do for it? My son and daughter-in-law are exhausted.

I am so sorry for that little sweet baby.

I wouldn't wish colic on any baby or any parents - it is so miserable and never-ending (trust me - I was there). I feel like it is more about managing the situation than ever solving it...

Parents first on this one. I feel like the hardest part with colic is that there is no solving it. So, the most important thing is to learn to take breaks - without doubt - it is a MUST. Buy a lovely lullaby cd - wrap your baby snug - and then leave the room. At another time in the day put your baby in a swing and go to another room and listen to your music. Shower with the door shut so you can't hear the crying. Take several 15 minute breaks throughout the day. Because your baby will be just fine - but you may not be. So, just schedule the breaks as part of the day. The breaks will help you love and give even more. So, its ok!

Babies next. There are ideas that everyone should try - try one or two a day. But don't rush it, there is a good chance nothing will make a difference, but it will ease your mind to know you tried everything:

1. Baby Massage - rub their tummies clockwise

2. LOUD music and the dark

3. A car ride, Sitting on the dryer, anything with a hum and a vibration

4. Swings

5. Tummy Pressure

6. Long Walks

7. Warm baths

I swear it worked. Now most people say that you can't medicate it, but my Doctor (Zimmerman - highly tauted in Manhattan by the plaques on his wall, etc.) prescribed Hyoscyamine (levsine™, or gastrosed™) pronounced hycosamine. It was a gift. It was only used once a day (at night when it always seems the worst). And it was a gift and eased his little stomach - we didn't experience any side effects. I would talk to your doctor about it - and seriously think about trying it once or twice. You would have to go in requesting it, but relief is such a gift for baby and parents!

I wish I would have known. My baby was colicky - but it got worse at feeding times. He would eat really quickly. And I didn't learn until waaay to late that he was lactose intolerant. Lactose Intolerant!! It seems like every other baby these days has food allergies, so it might not hurt to try a soy milk bottle for a 48 period and see how it goes. I really wish I would have known, I feel like it was probably my answer - but at the time I just felt like breast milk was the best gift I could give my crying little baby. I wish someone would have suggested this, so I'll pass it along.

Anyhow, here is a more complete website:
Colic Website

Good Luck! Let us know if anything helps!

Painting: "Mother and Child" by Thomas Sully


Ann said...

there's some guy who I've seen on the talk show circuit that says he can cure colic with 'seven s things' (i think it's seven). of course he could be full of it, but it might work, too. i'm looking for a link to his info and if i find one i'll post it. i'm sorry for whomever is dealing with this-good luck!

Ann said...

i found a link-it's here. i'm doubtful that it's an actual cure, but maybe some of his ideas might work.


Sherine said...

First... I am so sorry. When I took my baby in to the specialist for his colic he listened to my babe cry and said... I call these babies 'mother killers.' I too tried everything.. drops, solutions, powders. I even pre-treated my breastmilk with drops that were supposed to remove the lactose.. (I got them out of Canada.. a recommendation from the specialist.) But.. like angie said nothing worked but time. By six months he had grown out of it. my mother in law kept saying 'he'll be fine by six months' and that seemed like an eternity. I could barely make it through one day let alone six months.. but somehow you make it.. and he is now 4 and wonderful. Good luck... you will love him more for all you do.

Muranda said...

I also had a very colicky baby. I am so sorry to the mom who is dealing with this. I will swear by the Levsin drops. They are supposed to stop the cramping in their little tummies. I had tried everything, and as soon as he was put on these he calmed down, not totally, but enough to get us all through it. He is now the happiest one-year-old you have ever met...hang in there.